Our strategies are custom fit, based on trends in your sector

Strategies & concepts

A focused working method requires a clear and solid strategy. Together we make sure yours is just that by using our trend studies as a starting point.

We formulate a crystal clear mission statement as well as a focused vision, we distillate a unique USP, unravel your DNA, and protect your core values. Next to that we also give specific guidelines, endorsed with best practices both in Belgium and abroad. Taking into account your goals and budget we come up with a communication strategy and a marketing and sales plan that will help you make the difference.

We also help you in improving your brand. Our goal is that, based on our advice, your company makes the right decisions that will ultimately result in a larger customer base. Furthermore we want to inform you about the latest trends, both locally and globally. You can choose between a lecture, a workshop or interactive counselling. Trendhuis is always glad to help you out.

Trend lectures

Brand positioning

Durable HR strategies

Communication strategies

Marketing consultancy

Future scenarios

A trend lecture opens doors

You want to make your organisation future proof, but don’t know where to start? A trend lecture, tutorial class or interactive workshop could sheld some light. Nathalie Bekx holds lectures designed for your needs. Afterwards you will be able to get started in no time.

Is your SME future proof? (KMO Connected)Trendlezing 'social ware' (Google)Cultuurtrends en de nieuwe cultuurconsument (Cultuurdienst Vlaams Brabant, e.a.)New Skills for new Jobs (In4Care)M/V op het werk: tegenwerking of samenwerking? (Delta Lloyd Life)Hoe trendproof is de soap? ‘VRTUw reis naar duurzaam ondernemen (Desco e.a.)Groene auto’s: is de consument er klaar voor? (Fiat e.a.)De nieuwe deeleconomie (Vlerick Alumni)Trends in Belgische retail: 8 jaar retailonderzoek door Trendhuis (Comeos, e.a.)De unieke rol van de Vlaamse overheid (P&O-netwerk Vlaanderen 2020) Elk talent aan het werk, werk voor elk talent (Voka-congres)Le consommateur : entre économie & éthique (FEB) 90 jaar trouw aan de kwali-tijd voor de vrouw (Electrolux) Consumer and employee expectations (Robert Walters)De Horecagebruiker in 3 dimensies (Horeca) De toekomst: ze lacht u toe, zolang u de consument maar kent (ING)Trends in toerisme (Westtoer e.a.)Meet the Alpro Soya generations (Alpro Soya)Des habitations jetables (Batibouw)Lekker Leven, de nieuwe vrouw aan het woord (Belvita) Eten we morgen nog brood? (Dossche Mills)Crisiskledingcliënteel en hoe u hierop inspeelt (C&A)Well-being via de webwinkel (Colruyt)Mince toute la vie (Omega Pharma)Concentrisch zorgconcept: bron van ontmoeting & innovatie-inspiratie (Zorgnet Vlaanderen)

Want to book Nathalie Bekx? Send an email to: kristine.poplemon@trendhuis.be.

Case 1

How durable is your strategy?

CSR coaching

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a journey towards a more durable company and society in general. But how does one engage in such a journey? How do you implement a strategy like that while remaining profitable? How do you include employees and clients? How can your company contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations? And how can you measure the impact of your progressive scheme? We are happy to help you design a fool proof scenario for your CSR policy. Together we make sure your company is heading towards a durable future.

Case 2

Start investing in a ‘solidarity job’

The European Commission recently founded the European Solidarity Corps: its main goal is to give young people between the ages of 18 and 30 the opportunity to help build an inclusive society. As the Belgian representative of the European Solidarity Corps, Trendhuis helps you to create suitable solidarity job in your organisation.

Who can join? As a European company or organisation you can offer young people from other European countries a solidarity job or internship that lasts between 2 and 12 months.

We are happy to advise you about (free of charge):

  • the goals set by the solidarity fund
  • financial benefits and the integration program for newcomers
  • how to select the right European candidate for the job
  • any guidance during a stay here in Belgium.

Want to know more? Send an e-mail kristine.poplemon@trendhuis.be.

Case 3

Haute cuisine & interior

Marketing strategy for Obumex

Since 1960 Obumex has had a knack for high-end design both in and out of the kitchen. From 2011 onwards Trendhuis has shown itself to be a useful partner for Obumex, performing customer studies, setting up strategic workshops and seeking out marketing and communication advice. In our partnership passion and craftsmanship are key points, which have resulted in countless fruitful ideas and concepts already.

Research & trends

To fully learn the Obumex way of life we not only performed an extensive international desk and brain research, we also did some meticulous ‘mystery shopping’ in the Obumex shops.

Strategies & concepts

Together with the managers, Trendhuis helped Obumex refine its USP, which resulted in a new sales approach on store level. Because we wanted to make everyone part of the experience, we motivated the Obumex team with an inspiring workshop.

Communication & tools

To incite Obumex customers Trendhuis created an alluring trend book, regularly complemented with a mini magazine. Whether we’re talking minimalistic or conceptual: every detail counts.

To fully learn the Obumex way of life we not only performed an extensive international desk and brain research, we also did some meticulous ‘mystery shopping’ in the Obumex shops.

Case 4


Burn out prevention in health care

Together with the Academic Hospital of Antwerp, Trendhuis founded Time2Grow. A running project in which we develop tools to prevent job-related burn out. By strengthening soft skills of employees we want to increase their resilience which in turn should lead to a decline in job-related stress. We first tackle heath care and soon enough other jobs will follow.

Research & trends

We use both quantitative surveys and in-depth interviews to collect data from employees. To broaden our perspective we subsequently exchange our findings with European partners.

Strategies & concepts

To prevent stress in a job environment in an all-round fashion, we aim for prevention at two levels: at organisational and individual level. In that way we try to tackle the risk of burn out as thoroughly as possible.

Communication & tools

We cannot underestimate the importance of soft skills on the job. They can be very helpful in increasing an employee’s resilience. That is why Trendhuis is currently developing a tool that helps employees sharpen their soft skills.


Three C, or ‘Creating and sustaining charcoal value chains to promote a Circular Carbon economy in NWE Europe’. This project aims at the development and dissemination of economically viable value chains based on charcoal raw materials from waste biomass coming from participating regions in DE, BE, UK, IE, FR and NL. This way we want to introduce a climate-friendly and sustainable Circular Carbon Economy. The project is led by an interdisciplinary project team of universities, public institutions, business support and regional development agencies and experts in capacity building, investment and marketing. More information can be found here.

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