Corporate Social Responsibility: our common thread


We believed in CSR long before it went into fashion. During the last ten years we took on the role of trendsetter in Belgium. For example, think of our NPO Time4Society, with its social team buildings and annual CSR Professional of the Year award. In short: we strive to make Corporate Social Responsibility as real as possible for companies.

It seems that we are no longer preaching in the desert: more and more companies are willing to take up their social responsibility. Getting started is not always that simple, however.

A growing number of consumers and employees favour companies that incorporate sustainability in their strategies. Why? Because they want to contribute to a better future for our planet and its inhabitants.

Of course you’re having a lot of questions: how do I involve my employees in our CSR policy? How do I discuss sustainability with my stakeholders? How do I communicate about all of this? How do I measure the impact of my progression? How can sustainability and profit coexist? And how much will it cost me?

A lot of said questions are answered in ‘Reis mee naar duurzaam ondernemen’, a trend book our CEO Nathalie Bekx recently wrote together with Bob Elsen, founder and chairman of sustainable tour operator Joker. The book is available in Dutch and French. Using the SDGs as a compass, they take you on an inspiring and instructive journey that will help you reach new heights. To get you started and to enable you to monitor your progress, they created a useful tool: the SDG-FITplan.

We also realise an annual CSR Monitor, though which we investigate how Belgian companies are making work of CSR. You can request a summary of the results for free.

Do you feel more comfortable taking the guided tour? You can always knock on our door for advice and support. Just get in touch and we will discuss the possibilities.

Stakeholder mapping

Materiality assessment

Determining strategies

Creation of values

CSR communication

Measuring of impact

Journey towards sustainable entrepreneurship

In this practice-oriented inspiration book authors Nathalie Bekx and Bob Elsen use the SDGs as a compass to take you on an inspiring and instructive journey that will help you reach new heights. To get you started and to enable you to monitor your progress, they created a useful tool: the SDG-FITplan. It allows you to develop, implement and follow up on your own trajectory towards sustainability.

The book recounts the surprising journey, the breath-taking views and the necessary climbing equipment that lead to a sustainable business. You will read how inevitable CSR has become today and how the SDGs and the six Ps act as a compass and as beacons. And of course the book displays its fair share of Belgian role model companies that lead the way when it comes to sustainability.

This ground-breaking book is available in both Dutch and French. You can find a copy at Standaard Boekhandel, Club or in most independent bookstores for € 24,95.
Duurzaam Ondernemen


Together with partners we founded the non-profit Time4Sociey in 2008. Our trend study showed us that 9 out of 10 Belgians are willing to donate to charity once a year − as long as it is not too much of an effort. So we made it easy for them with the social teambuildings of Time4Society. Nowadays Time4Society also does 360° CSR coaching and it organises events, like the CSR Professional of the Year. From start to finish, our non-profit organisation enjoys our full support.


How to make the ‘leading generation of tomorrow’ engage in society? By sending them on internships that are relevant for society. With our slogan ‘Engaging today, leading tomorrow’ in mind, Go2Learn organises internships both in Belgium and abroad with the aim to 1) make young people engage in society, 2) broaden their international perspective on the world, 3) ask for their involvement with durable progress. Trendhuis came up with this idea in response to educational institutes and companies asking for more societal engagement in newly graduates.



Time2Grow is an innovative project in which Trendhuis develops new tools in order to prevent burn-outs in healthcare. Prevention happens at two levels: organisational and individual. In that way we are tackling excessive job-related stress in an all-round fashion. Time2Grow is realised with support of the European Social Fund and with the Academic Hospital of Antwerp as partner.



COME IN (short for COMpetences in Enterprises on INtegration) is a transnational project that aims to stimulate the integration of refugees in the labour market. It is financed by the Erasmus+ programme and runs from October 2017 until September 2019. In this project, Trendhuis and its European partners strive towards both the creation and application of an extensive personnel training. This will help companies and organizations with their integration of refugees in the workplace.

Take a look at the transnational research report.
Take a look at the Come In training modules.
Sing in here for the training modules

More information can be found in the newsletters of October 2018 and spring 2018.

Nurse of the 21st century

The Erasmus+ project 'Nurse of the 21st century' is a strategic partnership made up of three research and training organizations (Poland, Germany and Belgium). The main goal of the project is focused on the development, thanks to the exchange of international experience of good solutions in the area of raising the skills and competences of nurses that allow to overcome barriers, limitations and threats resulting from the specificity of the profession.

More information can be found in this information package.



Allow employees to (re)discover their talents! That’s the message of Time4YourTalent in a nutshell. More specifically employees can find new confidence and perspectives by following short talent-oriented internships in other companies. To carefully measure the progress made, employees take part in a talent scouting preceding their internship and afterwards there is a talent validation. The validation follows the European Level 5 method. Trendhuis came up with the idea and developed the talent scan.


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