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Print or digital, you need inspiring content and nifty tools to grab your audience. Our aim is to animate strategic concepts through creative design and captivating stories. We want your clients to stay hungry at all times.

‘Communication leads to community’. We think it’s more important to inspire, motivate and validate than to inform: a principle applicable to every magazine, report or online platform. How to achieve this? Our communication strategists, copywriters and designers will gladly show you.

Making your clients’ lives easier is the key to keep them satisfied. Ways to do so are plenty: how about a useful app, or an online test? Experience tells us that tools generate a much bigger return on investment than any campaign could. On the condition of the tool being actually usable of course. Let us scan the customer journey of your target group together and look for possibilities to make things better, faster of easier.

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Case 1

15 years of cooking experience

Customer magazine for Spar

The tastiest magazine in all of Belgium? Your local Spar supermarket provides − and free at that. KOOK treats Spar customers to delicious ideas combined with mouthwatering photography. When you hold the art of food in high regard like Spar, you have to see the bigger picture and Trendhuis does just that: next to creating the magazine, we also translate the KOOK spirit to the website, the Facebook page, the brochures and of course to the Spar supermarkets themselves. And to great success: what stands in KOOK, sells itself.

Research & trends

Fun fact: people in their twenties prefer a good dinner over sex. The food hype has really struck Belgium in its core. That being said, not everyone is always in the mood for difficult, lengthy cooking sessions. More important to most people is the feeling that they have created something fresh and authentic.

Strategies & concepts

Quick and easy during weekdays, nice and slow in the weekends - that is the common denominator. As a retailer you have to provide people with enough ideas for both situations. The key is to start from the basis and then come up with variations, both for the real foodies and for busy double-income couples.

Communication & tools

KOOK has three core values: simplicity, originality and variety. Two thirds of the KOOK recipes can be made within half an hour and they always look authentic. Result: readers become more confident and are less afraid to experiment. Yes, we can!

KOOK is the pulse of our communication to the audience. It transcends just being a magazine: it is the creative outing of Spar Colruyt Group as a promising brand. Rich food, small prices!”

Arlette Ghijsels, head of marketing and communication Spar Retail Partners Colruyt Group
Case 2

Our heart beats for Mechelen

City Magazine Nieuwe Maan

Trendhuis designed a new strategical concept for the city magazine of Mechelen. In order to start from a solid basis, we first diagnosed and questioned the stakeholders. Much in correspondence with the new identity of Mechelen, we chose a positive lay-out for its city magazine. No Mechelen without ‘Maneblussers’ (as inhabitants of Mechelen are called according to local folklore), so we decided to devote the magazine not only to the city, but also to its people.

Research & trends

In order to effectively carry out its city marketing, a city needs to inspire and motivate its citizens and service providers. Furthermore a city should have no trouble in communicating its policy and mobilising its inhabitants.

Strategy & concepts

When a city carries out its policy, it should reach each and every one of its citizens. That is why ‘Nieuwe Maan’ always asks one central question: ‘what is in it for the people of Mechelen?’ A lot, apparently.

Communication & tools

Research has brought to light that ‘Nieuwe Maan’ is the most used and valued means of communication in all of Mechelen. It succeeds in connecting citizens and policy.

Nieuwe Maan lowers any thresholds between the people and the policy while informing them about what lives in the city.Lieve Jaspaert, head of marketing and communication

Case 3

Travel around the world

Website & infographic for ViaVia travellers café

ViaVia travellers cafés, an initiative of travel organiser Joker, have been doing well for years. As of now there are 17 cafés in 4 continents. Each and every one of them is a ‘great place to … taste, meet and discover’. Trendhuis took it upon itself to build a new, communal website with booking possibilities for these cafés. To illustrate their diversity and unique selling points we also designed an infographic.www.viavia.world

Research & trends:

The cooperative structure of the ViaVia travellers cafés demanded a web concept that leaves enough space for owners to present their café in a unique way on the one hand, and offers users an intuitive and well-structured experience on the other.

Strategy & concepts:

We built the navigational system around an interactive map which travellers can use to explore the ViaVia cafés. The map is linked to a slideshow system that enables each café to present itself and its selling points.

Communication & tools:

The end result is a responsive website in Wordpress. With the user-friendly CMS each café owner has enough leverage to adjust his page to his preferences. The ViaVia infographic is not only displayed on the homepage, but also graces the cafés in the form of posters and placemats.

We knew quite well what was going on with the individual websites of the ViaVia cafés, but we struggled to bring everything together under one roof in an appealing way. Thanks to a functional needs assessment Trendhuis did just that, and they did it wonderfully.”

Stijn Elsen, director Joker Travels


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